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Monthly Archives: August 2020

Enterprise Security with the New Edge Chromium Browser

The new Edge Chromium Browser provides enterprise-ready security with release of version  v83. The new Edge Chromium Web Browser gives the enterprise administrator the ability to define what are trusted sites, cloud resources, and internal networks. Everything that’s not in the trusted sites list is considered untrusted and these sites are isolated from the corporate […]

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Known Folder Moves (One Drive for Business Migration)

One Drive for Business Known Folder Moves (KFM) is a simple way to migrate content from their local Desktop, Documents, and Pictures folders to Office 365 OneDrive for Business. Known folders are global pointers in Windows representing a location on the user’s drive. They help users to organize their most important files and access them […]

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Secure Remote Work Workshop

Remote work is enabling millions of workers around the world to stay productive, helping organizations to maintain business continuity in the face of our global health crisis. CompuTech Consulting can help your Company transition to the new remote work scenario. Sign-up for our Free Remote Work Workshop where we’ll show you how you can use […]

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