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Everyone knows that we should install road users like mouse driver, drivers, audio golf club, graphics drivers, PCI driver, USB golf club and mode driver etc . Of contributing factor, if you have printer and webcam, you also have to be able to the printer driver and webcam golf club. But the driver recognition of Windows 98/ME/2000/XPS/2003 driver is not so good. Among them, XPSP1 gives you relatively higher driver recognition ability. Afterward system installation, the whole or most road users can normally be recognized, this offers a lot of convenience. However , what if the system we will installed doesn’t recognize the drivers? In such cases, we have to install the drivers manually.

1 ) Why we have to install drivers

If we tend not to install the graphics driver, there could be just 256 colors on display with low outline and refresh frequency; If we don’t use the audio driver, we will not have appear on computer; If we don’t install the type of Ethernet driver, we can’t go on the particular net. Basically, the devices which should be installed road users live on the drivers, those without road users are useless. In theory, each hardware requirement install drivers. For example , needs driver, rabbit needs mouse driver and DVD requirement DVD drivers. However , we don’t use them manually because the system can find them automatically.

2 . Recognizing the driver

Click “my computer” on the windows, choose “property” and then “hardware”-“device manager”. When windows display to, you should know that “? ” stands for item of equipment without drivers, “! ” stands for gear with conflicts and “× ” represent devices that have been disabled.


Ways to install the driver program

Method 1: Exe driver installation method

There are mainly a few executable driver installation methods. One will incorporate only one driver file, you double check it and it will automatically install the corresponding universal serial bus, the other is a ready-made catalogue (or that compressed catalogue) with a lot of files, among them is setup. exe or install. exe program, Double click this executable personal files, the program will automatically install the driver with computer and find corresponding drive program personal files.

We take installing sound card driver relating to XP Operating System for example here.

Find the appear card catalogue to get corresponding driver software files, double click it and the appear card driver will automatically be installed on.

Method 2: Manually install the driver

Due to the fact that the executable files normally have complex accomplish orders and they are large in volume, numerous hardware driver program has more than one particular particular executable file and it installs the driver to inf format. Here let’s see how about VGA driver in detailed steps.

1). Right click “my computer” in windows, decide upon “property”-“device manager”, you will find “Video controller” to yellow question mark.
2). Double check “Video controller(VGA compatible)”.
3). Decide to click “reinstall driver program”.
4). Settle on “no, for the moment”, click “next step” to continue.
5). Click “next step”, a search guide will appear.
6). Regarding the related driver program and conveniently install them.
7). Click concluded to complete the installation process, the glowing blue question mark before Graphics driver will then fade away in the device manager.